Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Down at the Barbershop Debuts on April Fools Day

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 Down at the Barbershop Debuts on April Fools Day

Loris, SC -  Loris Barber Shop and WLSC Tiger Radio have teamed up to produce a weekly two hour live broadcast called, "Down at the Barbershop".  The first broadcast will happen this Friday, April 1st at Loris Barber Shop located at 4011 Meeting Street in downtown Loris.  The show starts at 10 am.  Even though, it's April Fools Day, organizers promise this is no joke.

"How can this be a joke?  When you come see us, we're gonna give you an RC Cola and a Moon Pie.  It's southern hospitality at its best.", says Banana Jack Murphy, emcee for the broadcast.  He adds, "We're even going to have the Loris Chamber of Commerce here for an official ribbon cutting.  To be honest, I think they're coming for the Moon Pies.  It's just gonna be big small town fun."

Local musician, Big Bam Boom is scheduled to perform live music for the inaugural broadcast.  There will be lots of laughs with Jason Porter, the friendly owner of Loris Barber Shop and a local character knows as The Ragin' Cajun will be on hand, too.  So, come on down and get a haircut, play a game or two of checkers and have a good old time with the gang at Loris Barber Shop.

If you can't make it, listen to 1240 AM or online at TigerRadio.com.  You can even watch the action as it happens.  WLSC Tiger Radio is going to stream live video of every broadcast.

"Down at the Barbershop" will live every Friday 10 am until Noon.   If you can play an instrument or know any good jokes, then you're invited to be part of future broadcasts.

WLSC Tiger Radio broadcasts a 1 kw signal at 1240 AM from downtown Loris, South Carolina.  The station's studio is located in the Loris Chamber of Commerce.

WLSC has recently finished developing a smartphone app which will is now available at iTunes and  GooglePlay.  Just visit your provider's store and type "WLSC" to get the app.  WLSC Tiger Radio has also partnered with AudioNow making it possible to hear the station by dialing 843.733.3153 or 213.493.0145.

WLSC signed on in 1958 and is one of the oldest media outlets in Horry County. In 2007, local media personality, Banana Jack Murphy and his wife, Barb Krumm formed Banana Jack Murphy Productions and purchased WLSC.

For more information, visit TigerRadio.com

Banana Jack Murphy, General Manager  
WLSC Tiger Radio

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Cuttin' Hair and Cuttin' Up "Down at the Barbershop"

There's a new show on the radio.  It's called "Down at the Barbershop".  You're invited to join the gang at Loris Barber Shop for live music, a friendly game of checkers and all the Moon Pies and RC Cola that you can handle.  Radio and TV personality Banana Jack Murphy is the creator of this program and he will also be the master of ceremonies for this one of a kind broadcast.

"We live in a fast paced world.  It's just go, go, go all the time until you sit down in that chair to get a haircut at the barber shop.", says Banana Jack Murphy, a regular customer at Loris Barber Shop. Murphy says he gets a kick out of all the stories that he hears from folks.  He adds, "One guy sits down and starts talking about sports.  The next fellow will get all worked up on politics.  You'll hear a hunting story or two and as you'd expect just about everybody talks about the weather."

For folks that want to be part of the fun, Loris Barber Shop is located at 4011 Meeting Street in downtown Loris.  "Down at the Barbershop" will feature Banana Jack Murphy and Jason Porter, who owns Loris Barber Shop.  The Ragin' Cajun will also make an appearance from time to time.  Local musicians will perform live.  If you play an instrument, please drop in for an impromptu jam session. Believe it or not, a real barbershop quartet will be performing every once in a while, too.

WLSC Tiger Radio will broadcast live from Loris Barber Shop every Friday morning from 10 am until Noon.  So tune in and listen to 1240 AM or online at TigerRadio.com.  You'll even be able to watch some of the action because webcams have been installed at the barbershop, too.

It's laughter and lather and a real glimpse at life in small town America.  Don't miss a single episode of "Down at the Barbershop" premiering Friday, April 1, 2016 at 10 am on WLSC Tiger Radio.